Welcome to the web site of Blackboard Associates Ltd. We are a small communications company based in South Devon, as you can see from the links above we cover many differing aspects of communications within the computer systems field. 

Please click on any of the links above to find out more about that service or the products that we can offer, if you are unsure then please call us to discuss your requirements. For support information please click here.

Please be aware of a scam where you receive a phone call reportedly from Microsoft saying that your windows software is causing problems or the warranty is running out. Please ignore them and put the phone down on them all they are after is your bank details.

Microsoft would not contact you, how would they know where you are? If in doubt call us and we can advise you accordingly. If they say they are your internet provider then ask them a security question or call them back on the number that you would normally use.

Do not call them on a number that they give you. They may ask you to go to a proper site and download some software that gives them control of your computer - do not, although the software is genuine it is being used to steal from you.

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