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About Blackboard Associates:  We help clients all over the world with modern internet technology, this is very easy.

The time differences do cause some fun though. We will help our clients anywhere that is required. The basis of the company has been honesty and quality, we will not get the cheapest equipment just for a sale, we will always try and get the balance between the quality and the price. Whilst this may seem a strange way of working, we want our customers to be happy with their purchases. Anyone can sell something cheaply, but if you then spend hours rectifying all the problems with a very unhappy customer is it really worth it? No, so this is why we have gone down the quality route first, to date we have had no complaints about this philosophy.

We were established back in 1998, and have gone from the original idea of network design and installation to now supporting computers and systems in both peoples homes and also businesses.  Our client base ranges from retired people that are just starting with computers and the Internet to small & medium businesses that have staff all around the country. We also work with local government and councils.

For more information you can write to us at:

Blackboard Associates. (IJKJ Services Ltd) 8 Tennyson Close, Towcester, Northamptonshire. NN12 6LU

Our phone number is: 01626 863888 & 01327 828048.

To comply with current UK & EU law we must also state that our company registration number is 3552727 and our VAT registration number is GB731 2934 48.

Blackboard Associates is a trading name of IJKJ Services Ltd, 

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